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Atlas Health Clinic Palmdale
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Why suffer from chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a difficult challenge. It interferes with work, sleep and your overall quality of life.


Atlas Health Clinic Palmdale provides a variety of services to help you deal with your pain and live a more enjoyable life.

Treating the entire body

Our services are customized to your needs. We treat areas of pain, including:

- Back

- Neck

- Joints

- Tendons

- Cartilage

- Wrists and more

Pain Management / Rehabilitation and Work Conditioning

Patients are taught specific exercises and stretches to maximize the treatment. These exercises also help speed healing time and prevent deconditioning.

Providing professional, affordable services.

Most insurances are accepted. Payment plans are available for cash patients.


Enjoy our other services

Atlas Health Clinic also provides chiropractic care and treats individuals for personal, work and sports injuries.

Same day appointments are available

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